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Orient Alive, in Caisa Cultural Centre in Helsinki, Finland in 2006.
Music is composed by Kai Olander, choreography by Peppina Lindfors.
The musicians are Petri Nummi (duff), Christer Hackman (tabla), Kai Olander (sax), Eira Karlsson (keman) and Leif Karlsson (oud).


Mixed Zill
Music by Eddie Kochak, choreography and dance by Peppina Lindfors.
Magadansfestival, Stavanger 2005.


Ya mugramin ya ashe’en by Abdel Halim Hafez
in World of Orient Festival, March 4, 2006. Hannover, Germany.
Choreography by Peppina Lindfors.
Video by Alexander Spiering.


Tango Arabeka at Jyväskylä Oriental Dance Festival 2008 at "Kairon yö" (The night of Cairo) show.
Choreography by Peppina Lindfors.
Music from cd Wash ya Wash Volume 7.
Video by Joonas Mykkänen and Eetu Tourunen.

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